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This Sonar Inflator Hose Tyre Inflator connects to your BCD/Drysuit inflator hose and lets you pump things up using your dive regs and the air in your cylinder. It has a tyre chuck on one end and a standard BC inflator male quick-release post on the other end.

With this handy item you can inflate tires, or anything else with a Schrader valve stem, from a tank using a first stage regulator and BC inflator hose. No-leak washers provide a secure fit to the stem and the end is offset to help manage the hose during inflation.

Whether you need to inflate your inner tube buoy, put enough air in your car tire to get you to the gas station to have it patched, or inflate an inner tube to leisurely float down a river on a hot summer day you want to own one of these handy tyre inflators.

Keep this handy tyre inflator in your dry box for emergencies. Just attach it to a low-pressure BCD/drysuit inflator hose, attach your regulator to your cylinder and you are ready to inflate whatever inflatable that is equipped with a Schrader valve stem.

This Sonar Tyre Inflator can be used with any tank, and is manufactured from chrome plated marine grade brass for corrosion resistant use.

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