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Drybase Women’s Long Sleeve Top/Leggings


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Cotton holds perspiration and moisture next to the skin where it can feel clammy, cold and uncomfortable. Drybase is the high wicking underwear system for drysuit diving from Fourth Element. Using ultra fast wicking fabric, the Drybase garments are the ideal alternative to cotton underneath a thinsulate or other undersuit. The garments’ exceptional wicking performance means that the skin is kept dry and the wearer is much more comfortable during and after the dive, and is able to get the most out for the performance of their undersuit.

A base layer next to the skin makes sense for more reasons than performance during the dive. Wear the base layer under your regular clothing on the way to the dive site, and you won’t have to strip off completely prior to getting kitted up. You will stay warmer during preparation for the dive and getting dressed will take less time. Perspiration or moisture from suit leaks will be wicked away from the skin by the base layer, making getting out of your drysuit after the dive a warmer and more comfortable experience.

Designed with a looser fit, this top can be worn on the way to the dive and then worn as part of a layering system next to the skin. Flat seams make the top very comfortable and the wicking fabric keeps the skin warm and dry. Wear underneath your everyday clothes prior to the dive, and then there is no need to get changed completely, thus helping you to stay warmer beforehand.

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